Cheap hotels in Paris

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If you plan to spend a few days in Paris and are on a tight budget, you will soon find out that there is not a large choice of affordable accomodation. Hotels with prices under 80 € a nigth are hard to find and appartment rentals are not suited for short stays. There ARE cheap hotels in Paris, however, with prices starting around 40 € a night, but you will need to make some concessions.

There are several hotel chains in France, with every pricing you can imagine. Some of (...)

Polarizing filter tips

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The polarizing filter is one of the most useful filters for outdoor photography. It should really be in every serious photographer's camera bag. Polarizing filters exist for most camera types, from medium format to digital point and shoot cameras. Autofocus SLRs (like the ones I use) need circular polarizers. In these, the front side rotates which enables the user to see the effect gradually appear in the viewfinder.