Theme setup

The following steps should be carried out for a proper installation of the Paradigm theme.

Basic installation

  1. Replace the default logo in /paradigm/img/logo.png with yours.
    The optimal size is 200 px wide but if larger it will be resized.
  2. Replace the default favicon.ico with yours
    It is located at /paradigm/img/favicon.ico 
  3. Place the provided robots.txt at website root
    If you use sitemap-extended, modify and uncomment the last line of the robots.txt to display the sitemap index URL.
  4. Rename the existing .htaccess file on your server (rename it old.htaccess and upload the provided .htaccess file at website root



  • Check use mod_rewrite
  • To get cleaner image page URLs, set an extension (.php, .htm, .html)


  • Make sure you have set your website title (options/gallery) as it is used in the end of the title tag of each page


Your full images will be indexed in search engines. So: 

  • generate images with a watermak as the Zenphoto watermarking will not work
  • create images of a reasonable size: 800px to 900px on their largest side is optimal.


  • Select your theme options: 
    Homepage format, archive link and search display, links to your social profiles.
  • If you are using Google Analytics, add your ID.
    You can find it in your website tracking information. ID example: UA-123456-1
    Do not paste the full code, only the ID is necessary.
  • If you plan to use social share buttons, create an account at Sharethis. 
    Again, you will have to paste your ID only. ID example: 6c4c074c-0b87-4c03-8476-c8cc149cc219
    The rest of the code is already in the theme.
    Share buttons display on the left hand side.


  • Enable the print_album_menu plugin to display your albums in the main navigation dropdown menu and sidebar menu
  • Enable the Zenpage plugin to display the news and pages in the main navigation dropdown menu and sidebar menu
  • Enable the image_album_statistics plugin if you want to display the latest pictures on the homepage
  • If you use html_meta_tags, make sure you deselect
    • meta title
    • Meta description
    • Opengraph tags
  • Enable GoogleMap if needed and make sure the map width is set at 100% (or it will no longer be responsive)
  • The tag cloud does not use tag_extras

Paradigm does not use deprecated functions, so you can uncheck if from the themes menu.