France travel tips

Are you planning to visit France and have doubts on your trip organization? This section will help you plan it better.

Planning a trip to the D Day beaches

08/24/2012 | Categories:
The D Day beaches of Normandy are a great opportunity to be immersed in World War II for both veterans and the younger generation. The whole area has a number of museums, monuments and war cemeteries to visit.

Independant hotels in Paris

07/04/2012 | Categories: | Tags:

There are affordable family-run hotels in Paris, but do not expect the same comfort as in a three star one: full breakfasts, private bathrooms, elevators and phone are rare if you wish to pay less than 50 € a night. 
Also avoid hotels located in the least secure neighbourhoods or Paris (Barbes, Belleville, Pigalle, rue Saint Denis).

Here are some examples of family-run hotels in the central arrondissements of Paris.

Hotel Henri 4

25 place Dauphine
75001 (...)

Cheap hotels in Paris

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If you plan to spend a few days in Paris and are on a tight budget, you will soon find out that there is not a large choice of affordable accomodation. Hotels with prices under 80 € a nigth are hard to find and appartment rentals are not suited for short stays. There ARE cheap hotels in Paris, however, with prices starting around 40 € a night, but you will need to make some concessions.

There are several hotel chains in France, with every pricing you can imagine. Some of (...)