Independant hotels in Paris

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There are affordable family-run hotels in Paris, but do not expect the same comfort as in a three star one: full breakfasts, private bathrooms, elevators and phone are rare if you wish to pay less than 50 € a night. 
Also avoid hotels located in the least secure neighbourhoods or Paris (Barbes, Belleville, Pigalle, rue Saint Denis).

Here are some examples of family-run hotels in the central arrondissements of Paris.

Hotel Henri 4

25 place Dauphine
75001 Paris 
tel: +33 01 43 54 44 53

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A small 21 room hotel ideally located in the most central area of Paris. When I first checked its prices (around 60 €), I could not believe they could be so low for such an area. It seems to be designed more for travellers than regular tourists, though. There is another hotel with this name, but it has far higher prices.

Hotel de Lille

8 rue du Pélican 
75001 Paris 
tel: +33 01 42 33 33 42

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This 13 room hotel is just near the Louvre and has recently been renovated. It is probably the cheapest hotel in the area but not all rooms have a bathroom.

Hotel du Séjour

36 rue du Grenier-St.-Lazare
75003 Paris 
tel: +33 01 48 87 40 36

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Again a small hotel ideally placed in the Marais quarter. Small and plain rooms at around 50 € a night.

Le Central Hotel

6 rue Descartes 
75005 Paris 
tel: +33 01 46 33 57 93

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A hotel located in the Latin quarter, not far from the Sorbonne, and a good choice for students and backpackers.