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Shooting HDR handheld

07/18/2015 | Categories:
When shooting landscapes, you often find that current (2015) DSLR cameras lack (at least) one stop of dynamic range. Combining several exposures with HDR is one solution to this weakness, but it generally means bringing a tripod along with you. Here is a method to minimize misalignment issues and still shoot handheld.

Managing an image gallery with Lightroom and Zenphoto

06/21/2015 | Categories:
Managing an online gallery with lots of albums and pictures is not always easy. This article describes the workflow I have developed over the years to make things more efficient and automated, using Lightroom and Zenphoto. The process can certainly be replicated with other software/scripts.

Geotagging photos with Endomondo and Lightroom

11/09/2014 | Categories:
Geotagging your photos can prove very useful if you plan to upload them to web apps that display maps or locate pictures such as FlickR, Picasa, Panoramio, or if you have a Zenphoto gallery. Today very few cameras have an internal GPS, but there are solutions to geotag your photos using the Endomondo sports tracking app on iPhone or Android.

Portable photo storage devices

07/05/2012 | Categories:
As every digital travel photographer, I am comfronted to the problem of storing a large number of images on a long trip. The cost per Mb of Compact Flash cards is getting lower and lower, but the files are also getting larger every time a new SLR is out. Sometimes you can take your laptop with you and have ample storage size, but if you want to travel light, another solution is portable photo storage devices.

The ND grad filter

07/04/2012 | Categories: | Tags:
ND (Neutral Density) grad filters are an essential addition to your photographic toolset if you plan to make serious landscape photography.

Polarizer tricks... and links

07/04/2012 | Categories: | Tags:
There are some caveats in using the polarizer. It can be really useful at times but I would not advise to keep it on your main lens at all times. The main reason for this is that it will make the use of a tripod compulsory with slow film or low light conditions. There are specific cases when you should not use a polarizer.

Polarizing filter tips

04/13/2012 | Categories: | Tags:
The polarizing filter is one of the most useful filters for outdoor photography. It should really be in every serious photographer's camera bag. Polarizing filters exist for most camera types, from medium format to digital point and shoot cameras. Autofocus SLRs (like the ones I use) need circular polarizers. In these, the front side rotates which enables the user to see the effect gradually appear in the viewfinder.