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Scanning with a Nikon Coolscan

10/11/2014 | Categories:
We have just bought a Nikon Cooslcan IV in perfect condition to scan our stock of slides from the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Paris in Summer photo series

08/20/2012 | Categories: | Tags:
Paris is really different in Summer. The city is gradually emptying from parisians. Its remaining inhabitants are more relaxed than any other time in the year. And tourists flood some areas where you can barely hear anyone speak french. I am currently publishing a series of photos showing this special atmosphere.

Geotagging in progress

08/13/2012 | Categories:
Geotagging is being added to the pictures in the galleries.

We changed everything!

07/05/2012 | Categories:
After close to ten years in its previous configuration, France in Photos has changed. The website is now published with a framework that will allow easier updates. It has a new layout, a new domain name. Everything has changed, except the photo galleries that still have the same content and the articles that are still there. Enjoy the novelties and stay tuned for even more changes!