Olivier Ffrench

Olivier Ffrench

How it started

I started photography back in 1999, when my wife lent me her SLR film camera. I then purchased my own film camera, and EOS 30, and we soon started using about two slide films on every weekend and a dozen on holidays.

The France in Photos website

The France in Photos project started at that time as we traveled to Brittany, Alsace or Limousin. We scanned the pictures and put them online in the first incarnation of this website.

The main picture

I switched to digital in 2002, with a D60, then the following year with an EOS 10D.

Since then, the pictures have piled up. We have explored several regions more: Normandy, the Alps, the Rhône valley, the Loire Valley, Provence, Languedoc, Picardie and Côte d'Azur.

Our project is to explore and picture all the main touristic sites of France, its most beautiful natural sites and villages and share them here. France is the country that gets the most tourists in the world, but most of them only visit Paris. It is time to show all the country has to offer beyond its capital city!

Other websites

Here are links to other projects and websites I own.