Pictures of Paris and the french provinces


Here you will find several galleries of pictures from different regions of France: photos taken on trips throughout the country or just during our weekend walks in and around Paris.

The galleries cover our favorite photo subjects: landscape, architecture, animals, cityscapes, seascapes...

There are also a series of photography and travel tips articles.

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Scanning with a Nikon Coolscan

Since Nikon discontinued its range of film scanners in 2008, they have become increasingly rare and expensive on the secondhand market. People even sell out of order scanners to repair working ones.

I was thus very lucky to find a Nikon Coolscan (...)

Planning a trip to the D Day beaches

The D Day beaches of Normandy are a great opportunity to be immersed in World War II for both veterans and the younger generation. The whole area has a number of museums, monuments and war cemeteries to visit.

However, you need a careful planning (...)

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