Image availability

Information on the availability of images contained in the France in Photos website for licensing and on the formats that can be provided. 

Image availability

Not all images on this website are available for licensing as some of them may contain copyrighted elements. Wildlife and landscape photos are generally available.
Please contact us for availability, mentioning the filename of the photo for easier reference. 

Available rights 

The images that are available for licensing may be obtained for any commercial or editorial use, for an appropriate fee. The agreement would typically license the use of the image for a specific purpose (see pricing section for more details).
We currently do not license exclusive rights. 

Image format and resolution 

Images are made with a variety of Digital SLR cameras ranging from 6 Mpix to 21 Mpix.

Slide scans are available at 3600 by 2400 pixels. 

Uncompressed file size range from 20 to more than 100 megabytes.

Images are delivered as uncompressed and unsharpened Tiff files, or as jpegs with low compression if needed. 

Other photos in stock 

The images displayed in this website are only a fraction of the photos we have in stock. Offline pictures may cover additional regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Alsace) or areas of the regions already depicted. New photos are added on the website regularly. If you need photos of a particular subject, please place an enquiry and we will respond to it.